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A quality engineer is responsible for the generation of a strategic plan to improve the quality of the business without impacting the production output. Duties include creating the company's quality standards and testing systems to reflect efficiency, reliability, and performance. 
Your role requires you to point out non-compliance / mistakes which need to be rectified in the stipulated period prior to the execution of the next task.

current practise

Although checklist is one of the most effective tools which is used by quality engineers most professionals reply on WhatsApp, hand-made paper, Excel sheet, etc. These methods are time-consuming and it requires to be made, scan, and send to desired stakeholders.

Most importantly there is an equal effort done in the documentation of closer of any of these snags pointed also retrieval and Review of these records is almost unheard practice .

proposed practise

With Nesso, you can do the above task more efficiently and with Pictures which is in a professional format. This also allows you to store your report for future reference and you can request the Construction Manager to close all the points which can additional confidence. 

This system can be deployed at a micro level all the way to the Construction Worker who is skilled enough to use a smartphone these days. The most important advantage of this change in practice is Quality Engineer will be able to invest more time in doing task of training for improving quality instead of policing.
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