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A safety engineer is responsible for developing new solutions to identify and minimize potential threats or risks. The job of safety engineers requires meticulous planning and implementation of safety programs to prevent unsafe working condition.

current practise

Everyday routine safety activities are carried out on site. There is to real-time visual update, mostly marked in text format. There is a probability of them being missed as they are not reminded by an electronic system. These honest human errors can lead to fatal incidents on site.
Also, early incident reports is reported but there is no automated reminder system to re-look at that issue. These delay can be dangerous.

proposed practise

Carry out daily safety inspections aligned with compliance regulations with detailed checklists with compulsory questions. This becomes a mandated process. This gives teams, owners confidence, and takes care of safety compliance.
Teams receive digital reports along with pictures which in a professional format. This also allows you to store your report for future reference incase an incident takes place. 
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