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As structural engineers, your job role requires you to visit the site for inspection and give Non-compliance reports to the PMC / Site Manager in a triplicate book. Closer/ Compliance of these points is not generally recorded.

current practise

Most of the industry professionals still rely on hand-made paper, excel sheets & WhatsApp. These mediums are time-consuming as it requires to be made, scan, and send to desired stakeholders. The data is also not on a single platform. It is with different people and different mediums. A huge information loss is observed when a crucial employee leaves the job.

proposed practise

With Nesso, you can do the above task more efficiently and with Pictures which is in a professional format. This also allows you to store your report for future reference and you can request the construction manager to close all the points which can additional confidence. 

Design collaboration

Enable working with a remote team, aiding collaboration with internal teams and external customers/ contractors on a cloud-based platform. Capture all design data such as 3D models, drawings, specifications, and all correspondences with its complete audit trail.

quality control

Enforce organization quality management process, monitor the KPI’s of deliverables, resources and utilize the information to take corrective actions for sustaining continuous improvement.

integrated with

whatsapp & artificial intelligence

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