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Task Management with artificial intelligence

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Helps you keep operations in working order from automating everyday tasks to making sure critical projects run smoothly.

1.Streamline workflow

Create workflow based on plans made by planners. Our system further with the help of Artificial Intelligence, makes sure it is followed seamlessly. 



Import your project schedule from MS Project, Excel, or any software that your organization uses. These plans are converted into tasks that are allocated to appropriate users with the help of AI

The Schedule feature, the backbone of our platform, to keep all jobs on track. Make adjustments on the go and notify key parties in real-time via WhatsApp.


3. Ai based Task Delegation

Import your project schedule from MS Project, Excel, or any software that your organization uses. These plans are converted into tasks that are allocated to appropriate users with the help of AI.

Our mobile and web-based construction management software allow you to easily assign work no matter where you are. You can set a priority, category, due date, and assignee to each chunk of work so you can operate in flux and yet stay on top of task progress.


4.Update via whatsapp

Notifications are sent to users based on schedules and tasks assigned by managers. Reminders are sent via WhatsApp messenger.


Team members can punch in the start of the task, update the current status, and hand over it, all just by interacting via the WhatsApp Nesso bot. 


5.directly updates ms projects, dashboards or any other tools  

When the status of the task is updated, Nesso will also update the original schedule automatically whether it is MS Projects, Excel, or any other tools your organization uses.

The owner or owner’s representative on a construction project needs to know how everything is progressing without necessarily being physically on the Jobsite at all times. With construction reports, you can receive a formatted PDF report of everything that has been completed on the jobsite in a specified time range, filtered by priority or category.


instant Reminders


payout calculator


turn around time tracking


includes outside project


Time Punch


Delay tracking


Custom dashboard


project profitability

10 Mins

 On-boarding time


Time spent in meetings


 Cost on project management

benefits of artificial intelligence


Data Capture


Pattern Recognition


Predictive Alerts

Predictive Analytics Solutions

Artificial Intellignce excels at finding patterns and outliers in data. Using pattern recognition and historical data, along with connections to scheduling systems and other associated information, AI has proven to help better manage schedules. Using machine learning, organizations are able to spot and catch potential issues faster than humans.

Reduction of errors

Being able to accurately predict the number of defects or quality in general is a crucial benefit of using Artificial Intelligence in managing projects. Using AI models on past project quality data at different stages of projects can help identify and alert project teams if the path being taken will place the project at risk.

Improve Productivity & Efficiency

A direct consequence of forecasting and reducing errors through AI is an increase in efficiency.  AI can automate some simple tasks such as sending emails, notifications about project delays, costs, and more. Automating these tasks can save the time the project team would have to spend on day-to-day tasks, giving them more opportunities to think about innovations and improvements to the project.

Help in making decisions

Artificial Intelligence is capable of sifting through a large volume of data and aid in making decisions to help the Project Manager understand which path will be best for the efficient delivery of the project. In this sense, Artificial Intelligence can automate not only simple tasks but develop an understanding of the key performance indices of the projects. This can then enable the development of new ideas and help accomplish bigger tasks and make recommendations for complex decision making.

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