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"With pen-and-paper inspections, comments can be vague or unclear, since different inspectors may describe the same thing in different ways."

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"Time delay in making & reaching of inspection report to the stake holder due to limitations of the current tools (multiple tools used) and confusion of what exactly has to be fixed"

Nesso_site inspection_mobile.png

"Missing trail of reports, not sure of authenticity of inspection and fixing accountability."


"Lost important inspection reports for review"


"I don't know what exactly has happened on my site today"


"Site team sometimes miss or forget to resolve an issue
pointed out by me"


"I'm worried if my site team is complying with the
safety guidelines"


"I sometimes forget to check a few things which was planned,
when I am out on field for inspection"


"I don't get proper update of error points which I had
delegated to the contractor to fix"

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