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Site Inspection on Mobile

Tailor-made for construction industry


Make your own checklist for site inspection or use our IP checklists for your projects

Delegate Pending Work

Track pending work on site. A detailed report of pending work is sent through Nesso App to Contractor/Vendor.

Instant Surveillance Log

Nesso allows instant documentation of on-site risks and hazards as official projects reports, eliminating the need for double data entry in the office.

Send RFI's

Nesso replaces manual RFIs with a uniform digital process, with access for all disciplines in the project

site inspection web image-min.png

With all inspection and project data stored in the one location, reporting is easy. Modulate processes using information from reports and inspections.


Real Time Images

Capture images directly on mobile while inspecting through the checklist. 

Tailor-made data capture

In addition to standardized and automated digital forms, Nesso allows project-wise and issue-wise customization of capture forms, on need basis and prioritizing data.

3 stages of Approval

1. Site Inspector (Who inspects)

2. Checker ( Who resolves pending/ faulty work)

3. Approver  ( Who approves the work done)

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Sample Site Inspection Report
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