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To make sure the project is being completed on time with desired quality created by competent team members by working smoothly & efficiently in collaboration and the overall cost of the project matches the planned budget.

current practise

To achieve the project milestone, the owners need to make sure the planned activities is being completed on time. To monitor, reports are sent by sub-ordinates by e-mails, excel sheets and WhatsApp.  
These progress report presentations for weekly/fortnightly/monthly are made manually and sent to owners. The data is fragmented as they all are different places. This makes it difficult to make critical decisions as there is no solid data support.

proposed practise

Receive digital Site Inspection reports along with pictures,detailed comments. This gives accurate real-time information about projects in a structured format.
A custom dynamic dashboard to view any kind of information required. 
The data is concise, making owners easier to understand what is actual status of their project. This enables them to critical decisions based on the powerful, accurate data provided by Nesso.
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