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Terms &Conditions

To avail iDAC 2019 discount

  1. The Offer is applicable for the registered users of iDAC event only.

  2. The Coupon Code is valid up to 30th  June 2019 only.

  3. Post, the expiration of coupon the visitor will have to pay the standard price to avail the services.



Coupon Terms & Conditions:


  • Only one coupon code is valid per company.

  • The company has to buy the services for 2 projects to avail the free

service for the 3rd project.

  • The coupon code is applicable and valid only if the company pays upfront(100% advance) the quoted fees(Discounted fees after the code is applied).

  • The company has no restriction on number of projects to avail the benefits of coupon code.

Eg: Company can avail the coupon benefits on any number of projects.


  • Coupon code will be applied on the projects number which is multiple of 2.


Eg: if a company has 7 projects, coupon will be applied only for 6 projects    (4 paid + 2 free) and for the 7th project, the company has to pay the standard fees.


  • Offer is not valid for any duration less than 1 year.


The offer is valid only for the duration for which the company pays the 100% advance.

If the company wants to avail the coupon code benefit for n years, they to pay  upfront(100% advance) for n years.

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