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Centralized document management


Create  & share designs with desired quality and within time period. Collaborate with other consultants on the project.

Being remote increases the difficulty in managing all work processes and meeting all team members’ needs. While teamwork and communication have always been essential to running an effective business, in today’s digital environment, the way that people share and collaborate is changing. Employees, whether they’re sitting in the next cubicle or logging in from halfway across the world, need to be able to connect and work together on important projects. When everyone has access to the same tools and shared information, work gets done faster, and deadlines are more likely to be met.

Be honest. Typically, how many emails do you exchange with co-workers every day? How much time does it normally take to brief your team on goals or progress? If your answers are not to your liking, you should consider updating your collaboration tools.

current practise

The project follows a flow. Starting from Architectural drawings and ending with Shop Drawings. In between there many disciplines like Structural Engineers, MEP, HVAC etc.
The communication between these teams one to one via emails along with third party apps like We Transfer, One Drive, Dropbox etc. 

Final drawings and its previous revisions could add up to a total of hundreds and thousands of documents. Which creates a confusion of which is the latest version to be executed by the contractors.

Do you think email, third party storage is an efficient way to manage complex projects?

proposed practise

A web based Document Controller acceptable by all teams on the project. This will enable them to upload and share the documents once for all with other stakeholders. These files can be upload with no restrictions on file size or format.
The document can be tagged with information like stage status, objective of sharing, revision number etc. You can also see who has downloaded the document sent by you, so that there is utmost transparency.
Moreover, a powerful Revision management system to avoid the confusion between latest and old version of documents.
This access controlled document controller become a single platform for all comments, information of the project.
Document Controller_Nesso_construction_m
Document Controller_Nesso_construction_m
Document Controller_Nesso_construction_m
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artificial intelligence


delegate tasks
(TImE Tracking)


Single place for all comments

WhatsApp integrated

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revision control


Employee Productivity


Enable working with a remote team, aiding collaboration with internal teams and external customers/ contractors on a cloud-based platform. Capture all design data such as 3D models, drawings, specifications, and all correspondences with its complete audit trail.

Design collaboration

Enforce organization quality management process, monitor the KPI’s of deliverables, resources and utilize the information to take corrective actions for sustaining continuous improvement.

quality control

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