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Ensure that machinery, equipment, infrastructures runs smoothly and reliably.

Their work typically involves:

  • Planning and undertaking scheduled maintenance

  • Responding to breakdowns

  • Diagnosing faults

  • Repairing equipment

  • Supervising engineering and technical staff

  • Obtaining specialist components, fixtures or fittings

current practise

These inspections are carried out in timely intervals. The error points are verbally communicated to the rectifier engineer. It is also communicated in written format via WhatsApp or email. But, these mediums do not allow delegation of tasks.
Images are attached in these reports only when there is something major detection. 

proposed practise

Inspection is carried out via digital maintenance checklists. Every inspection point has to be answered with a comment and real-time image.
The error points are automatically delegated to the responsible team. Turn-around time for the same is monitored. They also receive timely reminders if the rectification is incomplete.
In this way,
- Owners get real-time, in-depth, and visual reports.
- Repair team knows exactly what the problem is and what has to be fixed.
- Managers have complete information to manage the workforce and clients.
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